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The service

 For your dinners, cocktails, wedding receptions or anything else.

I put you in touch with service professionals.

Highly qualified, dedicated and available for all your events: prestige at your fingertips.

Whether your needs are determined in advance, or urgently,

I am able to meet all your needs.

In order to satisfy you, several packs are offered to you.

The packs

The Serenity Pack

Ideal for a birthday, a baptism or a family reception.

This pack is here to relieve you of all the service part.

8 hour service

The Elegance Pack:

This pack supports the provision of service

Ideal for weddings with receptions or long receptions.

12 hour service

The Prestige Pack:

ideal for any type of event,

Do you want to budget for your entire service?

This pack is made for you!

This pack offers the luxury of a free spirit by offering a flat rate for any service (whether it lasts 8, 12 or 18 hours). It therefore precisely budgets your service and avoids the usual overruns.

No payment is required after receipt.

This service can be included in the organization's "Elegance" or "Prestige" pack or sold alone.




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